Launching the Pakistan Women’s Rights Forum

PWRFAs some of you might have noticed, we have just recently launched the Pakistan Women’s Rights Forum (PKWRF) group on Facebook. This is a collaborative effort by a whole group of likeminded individuals who are all interested in the women’s rights issues in Pakistan. By and large the group defines its activities as follows on its website:

Pakistan Women’s Rights Forum (PWRF) is a virtual community of people who all aspire to creating a safe and welcoming public and private sphere for Pakistani women. Our hope is to make this forum into a safe virtual space where all Pakistani women and those in solidarity with them can contribute, in whatever way they can, to transform the plight of women in Pakistan.

We welcome your writings, testimonials, videos and all other materials that report, record, and disseminate all instances of public or private discrimination, harassment, and acts of semiotic or material violence against women.

We also encourage you to share any materials that represent any and all efforts, public or private, that enable women to experience the public sphere without fear!

Our group URL:

Please join us and share your thoughts and ideas, for only collectively can we learn about all the issues and then advocate for a better future for the women of Pakistan.