Peshawar Attack: Don’t Let the Mullahs Spin this into Another Conspiracy

ACCOUNTABILITYIt seems that after the public demonstrations against Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid and other Taliban sympathizers, the Mullahs, who are slowly destroying our country, have started blaming the minorities and other ethnic groups for the popular protest against their actions.

A video of Mullah Abdul Aziz claims that Ahmadis, Jews, and certain other groups are responsible for initiating the public outcry against the “Ulama.” First of all, even if it were the Ahmadis , they have an absolute right as Pakistani citizens to criticize all those who sympathize with the terrorists. Furthermore, instead of acknowledging the poverty of their own thought and actions, these mullahs are now attempting to divide our unified response against the Peshawar atrocity in particular, and general actions of Taliban and other terrorist groups in general.

We as citizens of Pakistan shoul absolutely not accept these silly explanations by these terrorist sympathizers. We all–Christian, Muslims, Ahmadi, Hindu and others–should stand together as Pakistani citizens and condemn Taliban actions and the actions of their sympathizers.

We should also ask our government to protect all the activists and to put a stop to all statements from the Mullahs that support the terrorists or that attempt to divide our popular outrage at the Taliban atrocities.

It has also been reported that Mullah Abdul Aziz has decided not to let the police arrest him. The police must arrest him after the court order and try him under the antiterrorism law. And if he resists arrest, then we all must lend our support to law enforcement agencies when they reach at the mosque to haul him out of his hole under the mosque.

The time of prevarications and false statements has passed: Pakistan must face its moment of truth and silencing these war mongers and mullahs of hate is only the first step.

So, my love and support to all the activists who are fighting these monsters in the streets of Pakistan. I may not be able to join you physically, but I am with you in spirit and in my word!