New Journal–Cognitariat: Journal of Contingent Labor


(Another Journal hosted by our OJS platform)

This is to share with you all that we have just launched a new refereed, open access journal. Cognitariat: Journal of Contingent Labor, “As an open access refereed journal Cognitariat hopes to offer an open platform to all scholars, students, and activists who have or are laboring as contingent and temporary workers within the current regime of the so-called cognitive capital.”

We will be using a progressive and incremental model of publication, which means that we will publish one issue each year, which will keep increasing in volume as more materials, that make it through our editorial process, will be added to the issue. This enables us flexibility, while also allowing us to share the published works as quickly as possible.

For more details, please visit our website and join us in any way you can. Also, please pass the word.