Ambassadors of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Peace Activists Address South Asia Peace Conference at University of North Texas

America Sends Fruits and Drones to Pakistan (Ambassador Husain Haqqani)

New Silk Road will Revolutionize Afghan Economy (Ambassador Eklik Hakim)

Pakistan’s Ambassador in Washington DC Husain Haqqani has revealed that America not only sends drones to Pakistan, it also sends fruits. Addressing

Ambassador Husain Haqqani of Pakistan

the South Asia Peace Conference at the University of North Texas on Saturday he said the popular citrus fruit in Pakistan, Kinno, originally came from the United States after some researchers developed this new variety of citrus in California in the sixties.

Ambassador of Afghanistan Eklil Hakimi who also spoke at the same conference, expressed his optimism for a bright future of South Asia and criticized Pakistan for not controlling terrorist attacks from across the border in Afghanistan.

The two ambassadors speaking in two separate events at the conference analyzed critical issues in establishing peace in the region.

Later talking to news reporters ambassador Haqqani said Pakistan has informed America that we do not approve drone attacks and future such attacks will now be planned in collaboration with the Pakistani authorities.

Restating his country’s position on terrorism he said, Pakistan is not playing a double game with the United States. Although we might have disagreements on some issues, we understand our positions. As these major issues can not be resolved in one day, he said, America has to show some patience and understanding.

Ambassador Eklil Hakimi of Afghanistan

The Afghan Ambassador, however, criticized Pakistan for terrorist attacks launched from across the border in Pakistan including the recent suicide attack that killed Burhanuddin Rabbani, the political leader who was brokering peace negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan government.

The killing stalled the peace negotiations and prompted severe reactions from Afghanistan and the U.S. condemning Pakistan for sponsoring and supporting the Haqqani network. He said the new Silk Road being developed in Afghanistan will become a mile stone in developing the whole South Asian region.

Ambassador Hakimi also said we are entering into the phases of reconciliation, reintegration and reconstruction in Afghanistan which will revolutionize the economy of the whole region.

Through reconciliation, we will engage all groups for national development, he said, and we will fight terrorism with reintegration of foot soldiers into the national political structure. In the reconstruction phase, he predicted that 25 companies will be exploring the huge mineral resources of Afghanistan.

Ambassador Haqqani also said in his address that the South Asian countries should negotiate and resolve mutual issues with each other based on their historical cultural links. It is in the interest of India to support the democratic process in Pakistan and discuss serious issues with us to promote harmony and progress in the region.

Blaming the past military dictators in Pakistan, he said the current issues are the legacy of three military dictators who were responsible for promoting terrorism and other social problems that we are facing today.  For the last three and a half years, he said, the democratic government has been trying its best to resolve these vital issues in the country.

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