A Pathetic Interface: Official Web Gateway to the Government of Pakistan

The official web gateway to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) is maintained by the Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) of the Federal Ministry of IT & Telecom. The web link is as under:


The homepage shows that there are currently 41 Ministries with 44 Divisions. On the top right corner under PM Gillani’s photo there is a link to the new list of ministers updated on 02 June 2011. プラダ 財布The list shows there are 29 ministers, 9 ministers of state who assist their respective ministers, 4 advisers to PM and 3 special assistants to the PM. Also interesting to note is that 2 ministers have no portfolio to

look after, and only 2 have additional charges.

There is a ‘feedback’ option on the top-left corner below the logo of the GoP which primarily leads to ‘technical support’ section of the EGD via telephone exchange or e-mail. There is no focal person mentioned who is to be contacted for even technical support, keeping it discreet to convey indirectly ‘no use, just leave it…’

There is a horizontal ‘folder like’ menu option line on which ‘Welcome’, ‘About Pakistan’, ‘Ministries & Divisions’, ‘Departments’ & ‘Information & Services’ are displayed..

‘Welcome’ is the homepage, ‘About Pakistan’ contains a text full of typos and formatting errors with links to different ministries; divisions & departments – mainly the pathetic http://www.heritage.gov.pk, ‘Ministries & Divisions’ again shows the list with links of ministries & divisions already displayed on the homepage, プラダ アウトレット.‘Departments’ just includes web portals of different departments that come under the umbrella of various ministries, and ‘Information & Services’ just has a broad statement with a link titled ‘Employment in Government Sector’ and a static sub-menu at the end which says ‘Welcome to Web Content Management – file not found; display content from your website’.プラダ 店舗.


is a ‘Directory’ option parallel to ‘Feedback’ which again leads to the list of ministries. The login interface with ‘User ID’ & ‘Password’ has no sign-up option and it leaves one wondering for whom it is meant for? Below this interface there is an animated button which again leads to different government departments. Some of the links on this animated button have some unverifiable or inaccessible website links with pictures of models who seem to be the only beneficiary of the promotional button.プラダ 財布 メンズ.

The search button leaves a person with the same ‘Welcome to Web Content Management – file not found; display content from your website’ display and there are more links at the bottom right of the homepage. The website also seems to be obsessed with an online ‘Urdu Dictionary’ portal, links to which are given twice on different locations.

The web gateway clearly reflects on the incompetence of the government machinery and it clearly reflects the website has been established without analyzing the needs and expectations of the potential visitors of the website.

There are so many ways the

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website can be improved as there is so much useful information available on some of the websites of the departments of GoP, provided the information is summarized and presented in a meaningful or useful manner.プラダ リュック.

The web gateway should include names and contact information of all the focal persons in different ministries, whom a website visitor should contact, if required, without following the typical bureaucratic chain.

The website should give a list of issues and challenges faced by all the ministries and progress towards their resolution. It should include the government plans and targets. The website should serve as a one window solution to the visitors.

One important aspect of a website is to receive ‘feedback’ from visitors in the shape of complaints, improvement suggestions and general views / comments. The ‘Feedback’ option on the web gateway is misleading and useless. In fact the PM should direct all the ministries to develop ‘Complaints & Their Resolution’ interfaces on their

respective websites on a uniform pattern.

On the official web gateway there should be a summary of complaints received against each ministry with follow-up progress status. If Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman can do this when he was 60 of age then why can’t the present ministers follow the practice? Do they think they have more things to do compared to Dr. Atta or they think since they are politically elected so they need not be answerable to the public. They might say that since only a handful of Pakistanis have access to internet so no need to go online, but this would just be a lame excuse – why to have official gateway on the first place when the misleading logic is to be applied? Either they should do it or else remove the official website!

Dr. Atta, when he was Chairman of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan between 2002-2008, used to read every mail i.e., surface or e-mail, addressed to him and he used to (I know he still does) respond to every mail requiring his response. He once remarked publicly that he even goes through ‘spam folder’ to make sure not to miss out on an important e-mail dialogue. What he used to do was to get a print-out of the e-mails and mark them to the concerned official(s) after classifying them as complaints, suggestions for improvement & queries etc. At the same time he used to reply to the sender telling him that his request has been acted upon. In case a person used

to revert back to Dr. Atta with reference to previous correspondence, after elapse of reasonable time, then Dr. Atta used to take prompt action against the concerned official. The whole system should be studied as it would lead the government towards remarkable improvement and job of PM & his cabinet ministers would become quite easy, only if they are sincere to the people of Pakistan.

The website should include reports on the performance of the government as submitted to PM by his machinery and opinions of other private social outfits about the progress of government. It should include informative presentations (downloads) for the consumption of visitors.

The constitution of Pakistan is a very important document and every citizen of the country should be well conversant with it. There is a lot of public debate on the 18th amendment through which most of the functions of the federal government will be devolved to provinces. Also people want to know what National Finance Award (NFC) is and what its implications are. People want to know the cost of war on terror the country is paying and the extent of damages of natural calamities. Stuff of these issues can be placed on the web gateway for the consumption of general public.

Also the web gateway has gone through different transformational phases over recent times, a study of these would reveal very interesting information as to what is the collective psyche of the government, its mood and attitude, what the government wants to convey to people and what it wants to hide from the people.

If the government is concerned about making its online interface better, it should identify a benchmark website and take prompt actions towards rectification of the drawbacks of the present static interface accordingly!

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