Qaumi Aman Party: A New Kind of Politics is Emerging

QaumiAman PartyFlagFor the last few months some of my friends and I have been laying down the ground work for the Qaumi Aman Party, Pakistan (QAP). I must admit that this a very humble and tentative start and the party has not yet been registered.

Our idea was to create a political party with as much popular input as possible, which in this digital age is, as we have learned, quite an effortless process. While I have explained most of the aspects of the party on QAP’s website (HERE), I thought it apt to also announce it in this forum.

Our basic idea was to create a progressive and inclusive party: progressive in the sense that the party combines all the best ideas about governance from all over the world with an added focus on the Pakistani people and their lives. And inclusive so that no one is excluded from the national promise either de jure or de facto.

In the light of this, we have devised three basic principles of the party. These basic principles are necessary precondition for people to join the party and cannot be amended as amending or abandoning these principles would defeat the whole purpose of starting the party:

  1. Every Pakistani deserves to live in peace and with human dignity.
  2. All Pakistanis are equal in all respects of the law.
  3. Government should be democratic, transparent, and responsive to the needs of Pakistani people.

We have also spent a lot of time in explaining our stance on all aspects of Pakistani politics and it is available both in Urdu and English on our website. Also, a draft constitution has also been posted on the website for people to review and send us their suggestions.

We know that it would take a long time for QAP to become a strong and viable party. First of all the party is started by common Pakistani people with not a lot of money or resources. But we do hope that more and more Pakistanis will join us and in doing so will bring us their strength and wisdom. We also know that our aims are slightly idealistic, but then we are in it to change the political discourse in Pakistan and not necessarily to win. Our hope is to create a political Party that represents all Pakistanis without any prejudice and discrimination.

Anyway, if you are a bit curious about this venture, please do take a look at the website, do join us on Facebook  and Twitter. And if you like our message and would like to join us, please do send us the membership form through our website. At this point, we are not asking for exclusive membership to the party, but if you decide to run for a party office you will have to become an exclusive member of QAP.

So, please do check the website and send us your suggestions!