An open letter to Najam Sethi on hurting the Kashmiris sentiment on issue of Jammu and Kashmir

On September 26, 2014, Prime Pakistan Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the world leaders in UN General Assembly that the NajamSethiKashmir issue cannot be sidelined until it was resolved in line with the wishes of the region’s people. “We cannot draw a veil over the issue of Kashmir, until it is addressed in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,”. He further reiterated that many opportunities for prosperity in South Asia had been missed, because of unresolved conflicts in the region.
Commenting on his speech Pakistan popular and informed political analyst, Najam Sethi in his political talk show “Aapis ki Baat” on Geo News drew very unlikely, unjust comparison of issue of Jammu and Kashmir with the constitutional Province of Baluchistan. Here is my open letter to him clarifying the view point of Kashmiri people;
Dear Najam Sethi Sahab:
Let me share you that I am a passionate viewer of your political talk show “Aapis Ki Baat” on Geo News but your program telecasted on 27th September 2014 turned as bolt from the blue which equated Issue of Jammu and Kashmir with the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and I consider it totally unjust, unfair and nasty unsupportive serve. Sethi saheb let me put the facts right that Kashmir is the issue of International stature on the unfinished agenda of United Nations (UN) and even when you referred to Shimla Agreement it was a bilateral agreement between India and Pakistan while I am yet to find such in case of Baluchistan. I heard you are foreign graduate, I always believe that you cherish the civil liberties and support the voice of people and must have great insight of the conflict of Jammu and Kashmir which is a matter of the fate of more than 20 million people, a political issue that has been taken up in UN, an issue where United Nation has still presence in the form of UNMOGIP and don’t forget even the international community including US have given greater stress to resolve it until late 20th century. Would it be fair with the people of Jammu and Kashmir who have been denied civil liberties, facing the worst divide in the form of Line of Control (LoC), facing the worst identity crises, politically undecided future, striving for the just and internationally accepted political rights with the constitutional province of Pakistan? To me it appears a square peg in a round hole.
Sethi Saheb, Will it not sense that your comments are internalizing Kashmir as an issue of with in the Indian dominion while Kashmir is disputed territory divided between India and Pakistan? No way Sir, you have blatantly hurt the sentiment of Kashmiri youth and for that matter the sacrifices of the Kashmiris too those are for universal values of freedom and liberal rights. Such generalizations and baseless deduction will not deter the young Kashmiris from their political struggle who believe in modern ideals of democracy in an egalitarian society. Sethi Sahb for you
سکھا دی بےوفائی بھی تمھیں ظالم زمانے نے
کے تم جو سیکھ لیتے ہو ہمیں پے آزماتے ھو
Sethi Sahb, I wonder why the person like you who is well informed, seem oblivious to the fact that India is more than happy to give autonomy to Kashmiris but Sir it is the matter of deeper aspirations, struggle for political rights, and even for that matter upholding liberal values. As a young Kashmiri, you have hurt us, you have misread the issue, your Chirya has been misled, misfed, and misguided you, which demands the apology from the Kashmiri people. I would have been happier had you been equating Baluchistan with Tamil Naadu, Asaam those within the Indian dominion but not with Kashmir.