Pakistaniaat: Second Issue of 2013 Published!

I just wanted to let all our readers know that we have now published the summer 2013 issue of Pakistaniaat.Pak5.2

My thanks to all the contributors and to the volunteer staff of Pakistaniaat.

Table of Contents

Refereed Articles (مضامین)

Logical Placement of the Poetic Language: Coloring Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Zindan Nama PDF
Waseem Anwar
“Unwilled Choices”: The Exilic Perspectives on Home and Location in the Works of Zulfikar Ghose and Mohsin Hamid PDF
Muhammad Safeer Awan
Sanctions as a Tool in US Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Pakistan (1990-2001) PDF
Muhammad Fiaz Anwar
Borrowing and Code Mixing in Pakistani Children’s Magazines: Practices and Functions PDF
Sarwet Rasul
Abul Hashim-the unsung hero of the freedom struggle PDF
Asma Zia Ullah
The Significance of Socio-Political Context in Shaping the Authenticity of Jamaat-i-Islami’s Gender Discourse PDF
Shahbaz Cheema

Reviews (تبصرات)

Hassan Askari: Bringing Urdu Criticism to the Metropolitan Readers PDF
Ambrina Qayyum
Uzma Aslam Khan’s “Thinner Than Skin” PDF
Andrew Tolle
Book Review of “Women’s NGOs in Pakistan” PDF
David Waterman
Review of Parchment of Kashmir PDF
David Taylor

Notes & Commentaries (اِنشایئےوتبصرات)

Twin Poets Who Lived Apart: Nazim Hikmet and Faiz Ahmed Faiz PDF
Qaisar Abbas
A Note on the Poetic Aesthetic of Faiz PDF
Aysha Munira Rasheed
Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Salvific Ethics and the Uneven World PDF
Shabir Hussain Ganaie


Snow-pact PDF
Rizwan Akhtar
The Punjabi Humor PDF
Rizwan Akhtar

Translations (تراجم)

Heer-Ranjha: A folk tale from Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Sheeraz




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Masood Raja

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory at the University of North Texas and the author of "The Religious Right and the Talibanization of America" (Palgrave, 2016).