Pakistaniaat Launches its Journal Hosting Site

I write to share the exciting news that we have now launched our own OJS hosting site. This means that not only can we host our own academic journal, but we can also offer hosting space to all of you interested in launching an open access academic journal.

Site Link: Open Access World

What we are currently equipped to do

While we still need to configure our site for some advanced technical “stuff” at the moment we are absolutely ready to create a space and offer you the basic OJS set up to launch your journal within a couple of days.

The affordable hosting plans are explained on the website, but if you have any special circumstances and would like us to create a specific plan for you, we will be happy to talk to you.

At the moment, we have not yet configured our system to host your journals under your own unique URLs, so initially your journal URL will be a sub-directory of our base url. Soon, we are sure, we will be able to tweak the software and map your working url to your own unique url.

However, if you do not want to wait for a unique url, let us know and we will help you launch your journal with an OJS database created just for your site.

Please visit our website and be assured that the rates quoted are the lowest of any OJS hosting service and since this hosting site is being run by people who have published an OJS journal successfully for the past five years, you are likely to benefit from their collective experience.

Don’t forget to view the special hosting  plan  for journals published from Pakistan!

Thank you all for joining us in these new development with the Pakistaniaat project. Please pass the world, share this news, and come and join us as one of our hosted journals.

Note: We have also enabled the site to host regular accounts with an extensive C-Panel and script installer. Check the details on our General Plans page.

Use the form below to contact us for more details:


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