New Book: Obscure Women Obscure Stories: A Pakistani Trilogy

Obscure Women Obscure Stories: A Pakistani Trilogy

By Parveen Talpur



Those of you who read Parveen Talpur’s commentaries and articles on our blog should also check out the Kindle edition of her recent book of short stories. One of the Amazon reviewers describes the book in following words:

Obscure Women Obscure Stories” is anything but obscure. Historian and creative writer Parveen Talpur paints distinctive portraits of three Pakistani women with an eloquent economy and precision of language. Taken together, three short stories, each about a different woman living in a different place and time, tell a much larger, more complicated story of a land which is often obscured by today’s media coverage of war and terrorism. With stunning narrative shorthand, Talpur appears to effortlessly weave history, culture and superstition into a rich backdrop for her character driven stories. Of course, we feel for her heroines. That’s to be expected. The surprise is that we also feel for the place. “Obscure Women Obscure Stories’ is a small book that goes a long way toward bridging what can feel like a major cultural divide. (Steve Lome)


Please follow this link to Amazon Kindle sales: AMAZON.

For more details, please visit Parveen Talpur’s BLOG.


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