J. Salik's Peace Drive Program

Text of J. Salik”s Letter to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General UN

The Secretary General
The United Nations
New York

Our Objective: Promotion of Global Peace through Democracy and Minority Rights

Program of Action: Two month tour on Peace Drive for Peace Prayer
• Opening Ceremony: November 14, 2012 at 2:00 pm, Jackson Heights, New York
• Conclusion: January 14, 2013 at — , — , — .

Target Groups: The message of our program is for all peace lovers of the world

We believe in democracy, which means:

• Freedom of expression along with the realization of human responsibilities
• Protection of the due rights of minorities
• Equality and guaranteed human rights of all individuals, irrespective of denomination, creed or religion
• Tolerance and compassion for all fellow beings
• Peace and harmony among the people of all walks of life
• Freedom for all citizens of the world to follow their faith.

We believe that democracy will provide:

• Peace and prosperity based on harmonious and mutually tolerant society
• Rights to minorities all over the world
• General and equal right to choose the government (based on the principle of one person, one vote)
• Religious freedom, inter-faith and inter-cultural harmony
• Good governance (with its main focus on public wellbeing and elimination of corruption)
• Equitable

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distribution of power among state institutions, i.e., Executive, Legislature and Judiciary

Our Seven Point Agenda particularly focuses on World Minority Rights, i.e.:

(1) Representation of Minority Rights in the United Nations along with the reservation of one permanent seat for minorities in the UN General Assembly.
(2) Celebration of UN

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International Peace Day of Love and Harmony between the Majority and Minorities.
(3) Establishment of the Department for Peace Education (Majority and Minorities Harmony) within the framework of the United Nations University, Tokyo . Also, the development of curricula of Peace Education (Majority and Minorities Harmony) for schools and colleges around the world.
(4) As Urdu is spoken by over 1.5 billion people in the world, it should be recognised as the seventh international language by the United Nations.
(5) The Minority seats reserved in the national and provincial parliaments of Pakistan should be filled by the ballot paper rather than selection made by existing parliamentarians, which is in fact a clear violation of the Constitution (Article: 226) of this country.
(6) Same as for the Majority, the major Minority religious festivals should also be recognised as national holidays.
(7) The United Nations should make an international law in which all religions and spiritual dignitaries should be declared as sacred, and no one should be allowed to ridicule them on the pretext of so called ‘Freedom of Expression’. Sadly, in the recent past, a film has been made to demonise Islam and such actions are not helpful in the promotion of global peace and prosperity.

Mr. Salik’s USA contact: 302-5884928
www.jsalik.com – facebook id: juliussalik@yahoo.com