South Asia Democracy Watch (SADeW) Condemns Taliban Attack on Malala

Dallas, Texas


DALLAS. Oct 13, 2012. South Asia Democracy Watch (SADeW), a U.S. based group that supports democracy in the region, has strongly condemned the savage attack in Pakistan by the Taliban on an unarmed, helpless, 14-year old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, who was championing the cause of providing education for children and girls.

Taking note of deteriorating security conditions, increasing intolerance and terrorism in Pakistan, the group has severely criticized the government, armed forces, security agencies, intelligence agencies and political leaders in ignoring the prevailing waves of violence in the country. SADeW has asked political leaders and armed forces to seriously take collaborative actions to root out terrorism and lawlessness in the country.

According to the SADeW spokesman, Pakistan’s misguided policies of ignoring the issue of terrorism, and in some cases supporting terrorist organizations, have given rise to lawlessness and chaos in the country. As a result, the prevailing violence against children, minorities, women and the disadvantaged have grown to an extremely dangerous level.

Welcoming the widespread public demonstrations throughout Pakistan against the barbaric attack on girls the group deplored the increasing intolerance and violence in the society. “A constant and peaceful public opposition to eliminate terrorism in the society is one of the most effective ways of keeping the pressure on the authorities to seriously take actions now and change their policies,” the SADEW spokesman said.

SADeW has urged the Government of Pakistan to provide Malala and other victims of the terrorist attack on school girls with best medical care and complete security for their families. The pressure group has also asked the Pakistan authorities to provide necessary funds, security and resources to promote female education in all corners of the country- a cause for which Malala was willing to give her life.

The influential group comprises leaders and professionals from all walks of life including journalists, lawyers, political activists, intellectuals and scholars who support democracy, education, tolerance and justice in South Asian societies.

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