Pakistan Students Scholarship Fund, University of North Texas

Last year I, along with Dr. Qaisar Abbas and Dr. Saleha Suleman, established a need-based scholarship for diasporic and heritage Pakistani students at the University of North Texas. Now a recognized fund at UNT, the fund is housed in College of Arts and Sciences and will be administered by the founding members and other board members.

We have created this fund to meet any emergency requests by Pakistani students but will start administering it only after a certain fundraising threshold is crossed, which we have set at $15000. As a first step, all the founding members have signed up to be regular contributors through payroll deduction.

We are now opening the fund to general donors and hope that Pakistani community in the region as well as from across the globe will contribute to the fund. As the fund is approved by UNT, all donations are tax-deductible. There are many ways to contribute:

Send a donation through snail mail (Please make your checks payable to Pakistan Students Scholarship Fund (PSSF):

University of North Texas

College of Arts & Sciences, Dean’s Office

1155 Union Circle #305189

Denton, TX  76203

You can also donate through the donation button on our blog. Make sure to mention that this donation is for the scholarship fund. We will then pass your donation on to the College of Arts and Sciences.

I need not to emphasize that all donations, small or large, count and would go a long way in supporting Pakistani students on our campus.

Please pass the word, donate, and send me your questions and queries.


Masood Raja

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    Shaikh M. Ali
    July 28, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Wonderful effort, Dr. Raja.

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