Press Release: J Salik writes a letter to Ban Ki-moon

Press Release
28 March 2012
J Salik writes letter to Ban Ki-moon
Demands independent status for United Nations

Islamabad- Convener World Minorities Alliance has written a letter UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanding independent status for the world body. Following is the text of J Salik’s letter:-
Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
New York
Subject: Demand for radical changes in role, scope and status of United Nations
I hope this letter will find you in good spirits. Impressed by the meticulous way your esteemed organization has been handling the various internal issue within a limited framework, I beg to submit my dissent with regard to the genuine role existing status of the supreme world body for my credentials qualify me to share with you my concept as to what this highest forum should work like.
Popularly known as J (Julius) Salik, I am the founder convener of World Minorities Alliance, the first world organization actively fighting to win rights of minorities. .During 35 years of my ceaseless struggle for achievement and protection of minority rights, I was five times elected to hold representative public offices; twice as member Lahore Municipal Corporation and thrice as Member National Assembly of Pakistan. In 1993 I was elevated to the exalted office the federal minister in Shaeed Benazir Bhutto’s government. She also nominated me for Nobel Peace Prize. I was the only Pakistani minister who visited the war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina when rival groups were spitting fire against each other.
I sincerely feel that though the United Nations has played some role in maintaining temporary peace in some parts of the world but has miserably failed to resolve major burning issues confronting the world today, Let me dare say that the existing status of the United does not permit it to assert its authority, which unfortunately it has not been invested with.
As a matter of fact the United Nations had become an ineffective world body unable to implement its own Charter of Human Rights. It is no more an independent organization to visit which visa of the United States is required.
The UN sat mum over US denial of visa to the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat at the time of his address to the UN General Assembly in 1988. However, he was later given visa at the request of Egypt and not the UN.
Therefore, we demand that the Headquarters of United Nation should be located at an independent territory giving the world body powers to issue its own visa, passport, currency, and to have its own airport. We also demand that Urdu, a language spoken, written and understood nearly one billion people of South East Asia, be recognized as the 7th official language of the UN
We believe that only an independent United Nations can save humanity from the horror of Third World War looming large on world horizon. If not made independent, the world body would prove as ineffective as its predecessor the League of Nations which failed to avert World War Two costing 50 million valuable lives.
We note with profound regret that the UN Charter of Human Rights was being blatantly violated by many of its member countries including Pakistan, but the world body lacked authority to take any action.
I’m sure a sagacious person like is well aware of the lacunae that exist in the present set-up of the United Nations and is quite capable to assert your persuasiveness in transforming the role, scope and status of the world body you headed for two terms.
We pray and expect that you can write your name in history by effecting radical changes in the role, scope and status of the United Nations.
May you stay distinguished from your predecessors Gladwyn Jebb, Trygve Lie,  Dag Hammarskjöld, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan, who left their offices doing little to make the United Nations an independent world body.
We hope you’ll have received our memorandum we have already presented on the subject to the UN office here in Islamabad.
Office Secretary:

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