My name is Khan

Don’t worry about others Mr. Khan, but I believe you. The Taliban are still very peace loving as they have always been. May be a leader of your stature can convince the misguided millions of Pakistanis who still believe the Taliban are terrorists!

Like the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who proudly declares in one of his movies, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist” our Pakistani Khan, the former

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cricket superstar who is now a politician, also says he is not a terrorist, and neither the Taliban.

As it appears, our Khan has also become the most sought-out politician after his successful Minar-e-Pakistan rally in Lahore. He is enjoying the undivided attention of internal, external and individual supporters who believe he will lead the crowd (and the nation) one day.

Here are some of his statements from his recent interview (by Quatrina Hosein published in the Express Tribune on November 27) with my added comments:

Crooks and Politicians:

“If someone is a known crook then they can’t join the party (PTI), but there are a lot of shades of grey. This is a society where it is difficult to be honest, society forces you to be dishonest.”

Looks like a reasonable analysis. I think this is your strategy: accept the people in your party who have been forced by the society to be dishonest and then force them to be a good-dishonest politician.

“But we will try and sift through relatively better politicians. For instance, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Mian Azhar are clear cut choices.”

There is a better way Mr. Khan! Recruit all crooks in the party and have Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Mian Azhar train them on how to be an honest, loyal and ethical politician. They are well trained and experienced politicians. It might work.

Revolution and PTI:

“It’s because revolutions are not brought about by political workers. It is the leadership that comes up with a certain ideology. I remember Fidel Castro saying that he started the Cuban Revolution with 16 people who formed his ideological core.”

By all estimates you had more than 16 people with you when you founded the party and they know you are better than Fidel Castro. Revolution, however, takes time and one day it will come to you.

Risk Taking and Rallies:

“Imran Khan was always a risk taker. Everyone said, ‘Minar e Pakistan! Oh you‘re doomed now’ and of course Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif had their own rally in quite a small venue.”

You are a risk taker indeed but don’t worry about Sharif brothers. They are out of the game anyway.

“I could see that the youth had suddenly woken up and decided that there was only one party that stood for change they wanted.”

I think you have to take another big risk. Get those young people registered for voting and take them to polling booths in the next election and you have the PM house in your reach. I am sure the people you are meeting these days, including the internal and external big bosses, might have already told you that you will be successful sooner than later.

PPP and PML (N):

“Who is destroying the country? It’s the two main parties and their interests are the same. They have been in coalition for almost all the time since 2008 and now they are tying to pretend they are actually in opposition with each other because they are threatened by us.”

Now I know. People have been telling me PPP and PML (N) are actually one party but I did not believe them. It’s the fear of a politician like you and your party that is keeping them apart, otherwise there is no difference!

Terrorism and Taliban:

“Al Qaeda was in Afghanistan,there were no militant Taliban in Pakistan and in any case the Taliban were not terrorists but fundamentalists.”

Don’t worry about others Mr. Khan, but I believe you. The Taliban are still very peace loving as they have always been. May be a leader of your stature can convince the misguided millions of Pakistanis who still believe the Taliban are terrorists!

“The number one question is: why was the whole tribal belt not on fire before?”

That’s a very difficult question. May be people from Mars came down with a torch in their hand?

Army and Democracy:

“If I was a prime minister, would I allow the army to make all the decisions? No. I am a politician and politicians look for political solutions, not military solutions.”

Yes! That should be the spirit and I am sure you have told General Kyani and General Pasha in your recent meetings with them that you will not accept military interference in politics when you will become prime minister. Hopefully they will understand you.

Jirga and Judiciary:

“There is only one structure, where every village has its own jury system and it has worked very well for them, which is why they don’t want to become part of Pakistan.”

Yes, there might be some other minor reasons (tribal lords, natural resources, kinship, poverty and development infrastructures), but this seems to be the most convincing reason why the tribal belt does not want to be with Pakistan!

“In fact, Mirza Ghalib wrote in 1860 that the first time the British introduced session courts, was the first time (people) started hearing of false witness.”

Yes, Mirza Ghalib was right. He was also right when, about the same time, he wrote his diary of the 1857 uprising “Dastambu” proving that the British Raj was a blessing of God in India. Authentic sources have told me he was not drunk when he wrote the diary.

Religion and Human Values:

“In fact, my conclusion is that the threat to the world is not from religion because all the great religions talk about humanity, justice, and the noble values of human beings.”

I agree. Historically all the great religionshave been passionately talking about humanity, justice, and noble values of human beings while fighting zealously with other religions to uphold the same noble values.

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