South Asia Peace Conference, University of North Texas

South Asia Peace Conference, University of North Texas November 5-6

Ambassador Husain Haqqani of Pakistan

Ambassador Eklil Hakimi of Afghanistan

The ambassadors of Afghanistan and Pakistan, a renowned peace activist from India, a known scholar on media, UNT faculty and researchers from several countries will be at UNT Denton for the first South Asia Peace Conference Nov. 5-6.
The conference is free for faculty, staff, students, and community members although some sessions are only for invited guests. Chair and conference organizer Dr. Qaisar Abbas says, “South Asia has two nuclear powers – India and Pakistan – and two nuclear giants – Russia and China – in the neighborhood. We hope the conference will provide a platform for diplomats, scholars and researchers to discuss peace and find resolution to burning issues in the region.” He intends to make this conference an annual event.
The conference is sponsored by several UNT grants and departments including the Charn Uswachoke Grant, Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity, Peace Studies Program, UNT-International, Office of Research and Economic Development, International Studies, Department of English, Department of Linguistics and Technical Communication, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Studies Institute and the Division of Student Affairs.
Please go to this link to register online free and see the complete Conference program:

Conference Highlights
Keynote Speaker, November 5: Dr. Sandeep Pandey, Known Peace Activist from India.

Dr. Sandeep Pandey

Keynote Speaker November 6: Dr. Arvind Singhal, Known Media Scholar, University of Texas, El-Paso
November 5
8 a.m. – Sandeep Pandey, Business Leadership Building, Room 80. Pandey, an internationally known peace activist, will discuss Nuclear Armament and Peace in South Asia: The Love-Hate Relations between India and Pakistan.
10 a.m. – noon, and 2-5:30 p.m., Breakout Sessions, Business Leadership Building, Rooms 73 and 75
1 p.m. – Ambassador of Afghanistan Eklil Hakimi, Business Leadership Building, Room 80. Hakimi’s topic is Prospects of Peace in Afghanistan after the U.S. Withdrawal.
7:30 p.m. – Ambassador of Pakistan Husain Haqqani, University Union, Silver Eagle Suite A. Haqqani will discuss Democracy in the Age of Terrorism: The Role of Pakistan in Establishing Peace in South Asia.
November 6
8:30 a.m. – Arvind Singhal, left, University Union, Silver Eagle Suite A. Singhal, director of the Social Justice Initiative at the University of Texas, El-Paso, will kick off the second day events with his keynote address entitled On the Shoulder of Giants: Symbolic, Nationalistic, and Humanistic Communication in Times of Conflict.
10 a.m. – noon – Breakout Sessions, Business Leadership Building, Rooms 73 and 75
1 p.m. – Celebrating South Asian music and dance, University Union, Lyceum

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