Breaking News: Latest from RJA's Hunger Strike Camp

It has been learned from confidential reliable sources that Raja Jahangir Akhtar (RJA) is likely to call off his hunger strike tomorrow subject to acceptance by majority of parliamentarians in black in white that they will absolutely commit themselves towards tabling of a Corruption Bill in the parliament on priority basis. Further, it is expected that a consortium of senior parliamentarians led by Mir Hasil Bizenjo would meet RJA at his hunger strike camp tomorrow to assure him that his demand for eradication of corruption in the country would be supported wholeheartedly. The parliamentarians should also mull over the idea of turning Pakistan into a welfare state but since it requires a paradigm shift in the ideology of the masses hence it would probably be resolved to pursue this cause in a well planned manner.

Earlier, medical conditions of RJA became noticeably better due to medical intervention by his physician yesterday evening. Who would have thought that a little known social activist from a least expected platform and less active landscape would stir the entire political scene of the country single-handedly and give new hope to the silent revolution that is taking place in the minds of the enlightened Pakistanis who, prior to this strike, had otherwise thought it to be a difficult thing to accomplish in such a short duration of time. RJA and his team members, who believe that it was just the first step to mark beginning of a long struggle that would change the destiny of the nation, should be commended for this successful initiative. The response from public and social activists has been remarkable which surely has conveyed a message to the political parties to put their act in order before it would be too late.

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