A Strange Case of Havaldar Barkhurdar

I was a school-going kid when Havaldar Barkhurdar used to deliver fresh milk at our home every day. He was a security guard at my father’s work place. Since my mother used to observe ‘pardah’ (veil) so it used to be my responsibility to collect milk from Barkhurdar at the front door of the home. There used to be a chain loosely tied to our main gate without lock so Barkhurdar used to reach the front door inside the porch quite easily..

Barkhurdar was a wealthy man otherwise. He owned a considerable area of land and also had livestock. The milk he used to bring was mostly of good quality. Now a day it has almost became a luxury to get fresh and pure milk. Milkmen charge too much and also there are issues regarding purity and hygiene..

Like most of the retired military personnel Barkhurdar had a very healthy appearance. He had a stout body and used to color his hair black.

One morning when Barkhurdar ringed the bell I went outside in a casual manner to get the milk. Barkhurdar requested me to tell ‘bibi ji’, as he used to call my mother out of respect, that he wanted to say something to her. So I went to the kitchen where my mother was preparing breakfast and informed her that Barkhurdar wanted to say something to her. My mother used to stay behind the door when she used to converse with ‘na-mahrams’ (from whom pardah is to be observed as per Islamic law).

I remember when I

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told Barkhurdar that my mother is now behind the door he all of a sudden started crying in loud voice. It seemed so funny to me that I started laughing at the situation. Luckily he did not mind my reaction, perhaps since I was young.

My mother was a very kind hearted person. She asked Barkhurdar to tell her what the problem was. While crying Barkhurdar told my mother that he was 58 years old and owned a lot of property but had no children. He said he wanted to have a son as the villagers laugh at him and say that what good to hold property when you do not have kids to inherit it.

I quickly realised the stress on Barkhurdar’s face and looked back on my mother’s face as to how she would respond. Barkhurdar’s words were flowing with emotions when he informed my mother that he consulted all the doctors, tabeebs (herbal physicians) and peers (spiritual healers) but to no avail. My parents belonged to a family of nobles so Barkhurdar demanded a ‘taweez’ (amulet) as a panacea from my mother. My mother informed him that she had no idea how to create an amulet. However, something came to her mind. She told Barkhurdar that her sister in law (my aunt who was my father’s real sister too) used to write such amulets after performing prescribed ‘wazaif’ (prayer for a particular purpose), but she very rarely used to accept such requests.

My mother picked up the telephone receiver and quickly dialed the number. The telephone used to lie at the drawing room door near the front door. Good part was Barkhurdar could easily over hear my mother’s voice while she was holding conversation with my aunt on the telephone.

My aunt used to live in Rawalpindi and we used to reside in Islamabad. Luckily my aunt picked up the telephone. She used to call my mother (Gulji – ‘Gul’ means flower & ‘ji’ is a suffix used to show respect) and my mother used to call her (Sheeraji – Sheer from ‘sheerini’ or sweat). In reply to my mother’s request, my aunt told her that certain ‘amaal’ (prayers or spiritual procedures) are to be performed by my aunt for three days or so. My aunt also apprised my mother that normally she abstained from undertaking the job in ordinary circumstances but she since she could not refuse to my mother so she would do the needful. My aunt once told me that some people use spiritual healing to exploit relationships and bring harm to others, which she detested. She told me that some women came to her and told her a cleverly crafted story to obtain an amulet and later it revealed to her that they lied to her and consequences of such things are grave

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also for the spiritual healer. Anyway, she conveyed via my mother to Barkurdar to report to her place after three days. Barkhurdar somehow knew the address.

Life became normal afterwards. I used to receive milk from Barkhurdar and sometime remembering his crying face I used to have a grin on my face. He never minded a grin on my face. My aunt used to remain in constant contact with my mother so she must have been informed that Barkhurdar took the amulets on the set date.

Many months elapsed, I do not remember exactly how much, guess more than eight or nine months that one day someone rang the main gate bell and when I went outside I saw Barkhurdar standing with a box of sweats in his hand. He had a huge smile on his face and excitedly he informed my family members that Allah the

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most exalted One had blessed him with a son.

I could not believe my ears. Never knew that amulets were an effective solution for such problems. I became a believer of Islamic spiritual healing and ‘jafr’ (numerology).

A Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has discovered through scientific experimentation that human consciousness has an effect on molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto believes that positive changes to water crystals can be achieved through prayers. He also experimented with Islamic prayers with very positive results.

Recently Japanese ‘Reiki’ and oriental ‘Yoga’ have both emerged as extremely effective tools for maintaining good health and their importance from healing perspective is becoming exceedingly difficult to deny.

There has been a remarkable advancement in the field of medical sciences and medical procedures performed today are no less than a miracle compared to the old days. Mostly allopathic medicines are effective as proper diagnostics and analysis of symptoms is carried out before their prescription. Yet there are areas such as asthma, allergy and blood pressure etc., in which homeopathic medicines are considered to be more effective at least these days.

For a person with meager financial resources sometimes it is not possible to consult a medical doctor, a homeopath or an herbal physician. Sometimes, it is only possible for him to get access to spiritual healing. There are illnesses due to psychological reasons. One thing is sure that once a person visits a spiritual healer, he feels well and due to which half of the problem is solved. In this context spiritual healing is the best course to follow.