Mea Qulfa

Qulfa is a traditional Indo-Pak Sub-continent dairy-based ice cream. Qulfa (also written as Kulfa) is derived from ‘Qulfi’ (or Kulfi) which means chilled. ‘Qulfi Jum Jaana’ is either used

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as a phrase to express dissatisfaction due to too much cold or to refer to something which has turned from liquid to frozen in form. Sometimes Qulfi is also called Qulfa ice-cream in order to convey exact description..

Although Qulfa is like ice-cream in taste and appearance but it is in fact a little denser and creamier in nature. Qulfa is not only popular in South Asia but also have become a known delight in Middle East. Classic Qulfa is usually prepared with milk, sugar, cardamom, saffron and pistachio. It also comes in different flavors including rose, raspberry, mango and saffron. Newer variations include apple, strawberry, orange, avocado and peanut. Qulfa is served with ‘Faloodah’ i.e., noodles, on a stick, as a bar and in packs..


Here is how Qulfa is prepared:


  1. First of all, cooking pan is filled with a liter of milk & 180 grams of sugar;
  2. Sugar filled milk is boiled till it is reduced to one third of its actual volume i.e., turn into a thick mixture;
  3. Cardamom (grinded seeds for aroma), slices of pistachio and saffron are added to the mixture;
  4. The mixture is cooked further for five minutes and then cooled to room temperature;
  5. The mixture is spooned into four moulds;
  6. The moulds are tightly covered
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    with foil and frozen overnight;

  7. To serve, moulds are wrapped in a warm towel for five minutes and then inverted onto individual serving plates.


Recipe Source:


Before commercialization of Qulfa, it used to be prepared at home or ice-candy man used to sell it door to door. Famous Polka ice cream introduced it to masses. Later Uniliver’s Walls brand purchased Polka. Yummy & Engro’s OMORÉ are the other two major brands under which Qulfa is available in the market.

It is believed that people living in surrounding areas of Himalayas gradually evolved methods of freezing liquids including dairy products. This paved the way for ice-cream making tradition in the sub-continent. So we can say that in a way ice-cream making has a long history in the sub-continent. Qulfa, however, was introduced during Mughal era in the Indo-Pak sub-continent. One can understand why Qulfa is sometimes

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labeled as ‘Shahi Kulfi’ or ‘Lahori Kulfi’ in order also tohighlight difference in recipes. There is no doubt that Qulfa ice-cream can compete with any of creative Häagen-Dazs or Nestlé’s Mövenpick’s recipes due to its touch and class.

Mama’s homemade ice cream (made originally for Watson Pharmacy – a popular local drug store chain) is becoming popular in Islamabad-Rawalpindi which also offers a variation of Qulfa, although its maple walnut is the most popular delight. Rahat Bakers’ Safilo also offers Qulfa. In short, Qulfa is a must item

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at any ice-cream parlor small or big; lavish or cheap.

Karachites envy Islamabad-Rawalpindi folks for Rahat Bakers & Mama’s Ice-cream whereas they themselves have so many nice options available to them. For instance there are three brilliant variations of Qulfa offered in Karachi i.e., Baloch Qulfa, Peshawari Qulfa & Soni Sweat shop’s Mango Qulfa.

Baloch Qulfa is off-white or beige in color and a bit heavy in terms of calorific values. Although taste-wise it is simply out of this world. Peshawari Qulfa is light just as if plain milk and sugar have been given the shape of ice cream. People who want light food love Peshawari Qulfa. Mango Qulfa is prepared from the juicy and extremely tasty mangoes

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procured from the farms of Sindh.

There used to be a dip shop in Karachi around the turn of the millennium. The idea of the dip shop was to offer highly customized ice cream, just like they do sandwiches at Subway. The shop somehow did not survive may be due to a mismatch between cost and the best price target market could afford. Customers used to shape their own type of ice-cream i.e., stick, crest, toppings, and flavors etc., at the dip shop but the business did not succeed.

To summarize it all, we can say that Qulfa can obviously be considered the most popular i.e., most sold ice cream in Pakistan. The way Qulfa is becoming popular it seems soon there will be Qulfa lovers everywhere in the world.