New Journal: The Social Movements

Provided below are some details about a new journal launched by the Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan.

The Social Movements: A Journal of Independent Analysis and Research about Social Movements


‘The Social Movements’ is a journal for independent analysis and research regarding the social movements around the globe particularly in South Asia. The journal is an initiative by The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan (ISM) and associated with its research and education program.  The journal will house the various analytical and research write-ups regarding various themes of the Social Movements. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for a serious analysis and discourse around the past and ongoing Social Movements, so that a new constituency around rights could be developed in the developing countries.

Editor : Zulfiqar Shah

Zulfiqar Shah is rights and peace activist, development professional and columnist. He is working with The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan and contributes for Pakistan based Sindhi and English dailies and tabloids. He is actively engaged with the peasants’ rights and peace movement in Sindh province of Pakistan.