HEC: We shall overcome!

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is an autonomous organization whose mission is “to facilitate institutions of higher learning to serve as an engine of socio-economic development of Pakistan”.

The HEC is not attached to the Ministry of Education. The Prime Minister is the Controlling Authority of the HEC.
The 18th Amendment through the 4th Schedule (Article 70(4) Federal Legislative Lists Part-I and Part-II) fully supports the current powers and functions of the HEC, and includes higher education and research as federal subjects.
HEC is a role model federal organization which empowers equal and full participation of all provinces and universities in higher education policy making for national development. In most federations around the world, higher education is a federal subject with provinces also having a say.

HEC through the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2011-2015 is creating the knowledge capital and technology required to enable Pakistan to join the ranks of the industrially advanced countries within the next decade.
For national integration and prosperity, it is essential that HEC must continue to perform its functions which it has successfully done so for the last 8 years.

Under the various HEC overseas scholarship programs to date, 17,529 candidates were shortlisted out of which 3,888 scholars were sent abroad during 2003 – 11. Out of these 3,888 scholars 242 scholars were sent for Masters, 3,062 were sent for Master leading to PhD while 584 had been sent to pursue their Post Doctorate programs. So far, a total of 188 scholars have returned with a Master degree, 620 have returned with a PhD degree and 389 have returned with a Post Doctorate while 2,173 Master, PhD and Post Doc candidates are currently abroad and are returning on a monthly basis.

Similarly, a total of 2,132 scholars were selected for Indigenous Undergraduate programs, 2,262 were awarded local Graduate programs and 4,479 were granted Indigenous PhD scholarships. Out of these, so far a total of 824 scholars have completed their Undergraduate programs, 1,177 have completed their Master programs while 523 have completed their PhD from local

Those interested in the detailed accomplishments of HEC may view the full report in PDF: HEC: We Shall Overcome PDF



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  1. amzarae@gmail.com'
    April 23, 2011 at 10:07 am

    It is said, “Do not fix it if it ain’t broken”. What was wrong with the HEC; there might have been a few shortcomings which could have been addressed. But at the moment it seems to be more of a revenge than of devolution.

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