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For the past couple of weeks I have been busy developing an exciting new community website: Fresh Writes. Using WordPress with a Buddy Press plug in has enabled me to create a member-themed website which offers more than a blog: A community of writers. I have also uploaded most of my public writings to the website. The idea is pretty simple:

I hope that our readers will become members, develop lateral alliances with other members, share their ideas and contents, and in doing so develop their own personal blogs and their web impact by linking with each other.

Fresh Writes has two levels of membership: Free and Premium. The free membership grants you access to pretty much all areas of the website except the ability to upload your articles for syndication. Those interested to offer their articles for syndication can become members using the site’s membership page.Letting your article be used and syndicated by other quality websites is a sure way of developing your internet presence. Here are some other features of the website:

  • A Link Exchange Program.
  • Group Discussions
  • possibility to add you blog feed to our aggregation page.

Though this is more of a community service venture than business, we do hope to raise some funds for Pakistaniaat and our other Open Access websites through the membership fees.

The site also has a sophisticated privacy control and your personal information can only be accessed by other registered members. Furthermore, all members can also set their privacy settings to their personal level of comfort using the extensive privacy options.

So, please visit us on Fresh Writes and join our community of members and pass the word!

(More details Here)

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