Pakistaniaat: Moving to Delayed Open-Access

This is to let all of you know that from our December Issue onward, Pakistaniaat will become a delayed open-access journal. We do this for the long-term sustainability of the journal and to generate some funds for the journal by encouraging individual and institutional subscriptions.

All this means is that when we publish an issue, our content will only be immediately available to our subscribers. We will, however, make exceptions for our authors, members of our editorial team and for individuals from soft-currency economies.

All issues published over an year would eventually become open-access at the end of each year. If you subscribe now, we will include the Dec 2011 issue along with the THREE issues of 2011.

For more details and to choose one out of many subscription offers please follow this link: Subscriptions.

As mentioned above, this step is necessary to keep the journal financially sustainable. Currently, all major academic databases carry our content without paying us any fees. We hope that institutions and academic databases would find our content valuable enough to subscribe to the journal.

If this sounds in any way alarming or disappointing to you,  or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you so much for supporting Pakistaniaat.

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