Coming Soon: Pakistaniaat December Issue

Our December issue will soon be available online as well as in the print version. Please note that from this issue onward, Pakistaniaat will become a Delayed-Open Access journal, which means that you would need to subscribe to access our current content. All members of our editorial staff and all of our contributors will receive complimentary subscriptions. We will also make exceptions for people from soft currency economies. Please use the following links:


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Here is a glimpse of what is included in this wonderful issue edited by Dr. Cara Cilano, University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Table of Contents

Editorial (اداریه)

Too Soon?: Pakistan and the 1971 War
Cara Cilano

Special Issue Articles (مضامین – خاص شماره)

The Break-Up of Pakistan
Philip Oldenburg
The Birth of Bangladesh/Nefarious Plots and Cold War Sideshows
Roger Vogler
Superpower Relations, Backchannels, and the Subcontinent
Luke A. Nichter, Richard A. Moss
Pakistani-Chinese Relations: An Historical Analysis of the Role of China in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Mavra Farooq
Deliberative Oratory in the Darkest Hour: Style Analysis of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s speech at the Security Council
Syeda Sara Abbas

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