Applications for Fellowship Programme in South Asia

Fellowship Programme in South Asia “Understanding Masculinities: Culture, Politics & Social Change”

Applications are due on or before: 18 November 2010
The applications received after 17:00 hrs (Nepal Standard Time) on 18th November will not be considered.

About the Fellowship

Masculinity refers to the socially produced but embodied ways of being male. Its manifestations include manners of speech, behaviour, gestures, social interaction, a division of tasks ‘proper’ to men and women and an overall narrative that positions it as superior to its perceived
antithesis, femininity.

For all of us who have been working in different ways on issues of gender equality and gender based violence the one problem that constantly confronts us is of masculinities and the stiff resistance it offers to any change towards building an equitable and non-violent world. The heartening thing is that in the last decade we have witnessed several collaborative regional efforts to not only generate a better understanding of south Asian masculinities but also in creating platforms that enable men and boys to
reflect upon the gains of challenging gender inequalities and violence.

The South Asian Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM) is a network of NGOs (national and regional), academics and activists who believe that the toxicity of masculinities needs to be challenged if we are to dream of a violence free world. Masculinities and violence, it has been suggested, are
inextricably linked in creating and maintaining all forms of inequalities. SANAM is providing a platform for women, men and trans people to work together in developing a culture of resistance to gender based violence.

Understanding Masculinities: Culture, Politics and Social Change – A Fellowship programme is being offered to build a resource pool of men, women and trans people with the appropriate knowledge base and skills to work independently or through groups to challenge masculinities in different social settings.

This programme is supported by Partners for Prevention, a joint regional UN programme for Asia and the Pacific.

Course Content
This Institute offers young leaders from institutional and non institutional settings an opportunity to enhance their conceptual understanding as well as build the required skills to effectively work on
The Fellowship will provide:

  • Participants, an opportunity for deepening reflection and awareness around the gendered self.
  • A conceptual understanding to participants on masculinities and its linkages to patriarchy, globalisation, conflict, religion, identity, custom and media.
  • Build facilitation skills to enable effective translation of knowledge into programs designed for intervention with local communities or other domains of works on gender justice.


The Fellowship is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: An eighteen day residential study programme from 1 to 18 Feb 2011 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phase 2: A seven day refresher course in May 2011.

Phase 3: Implementation of a six month mentored and funded intervention project by SANAM Fellows in their respective countries.


The Fellowship programme will draw upon resource people from all over South Asia who have been working, researching and thinking on issues related to masculinities.


Men, women and trans people from the following South Asian countries can apply for the fellowship: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

30 fellows will be selected based on their experience, prior engagement and commitments, personal history and expertise followed by an interview if required.

The full cost (travel, tuition, boarding and lodging) for the fellowship will be borne by SANAM.

A small supportive grant will be provided for the third phase of the Fellowship to cover some minimal expense towards the implementation of a project identified and designed by the Fellows themselves towards the end of the trainings.


SANAM is a collective that draws in expertise, experience and knowledge of groups, researchers and activists spread across South Asia to work towards interventions in the area of masculinities. The groups that make up and support SANAM are: AAKAR, India; AMAL Human Development, Pakistan; CARE Bangladesh, Bangladesh; Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), India; College of Youth Activism and Development, Pakistan; CORO for Literacy, India; EKTA Resource Centre, India; Forum for Protection of Public Interest (Pro Public), Nepal; Institute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi
Enclave, India; International Planned Parenthood Federation, Regional Office for South Asia, India; Kausar Khan from Agha Khan University, Pakistan; MenEngage Alliance-South Asia; ROZAN, Pakistan; Saikh Imtiaz from Department of women & Gender Studies, Dhaka University, Bangladesh;
SAMANATA, Nepal; SAMYAK, India; SANGAT South Asia, India; Save the Children in Nepal, Nepal; Save the Children Sweden-Regional Office for South & Central Asia, Nepal; Society for Women’s Action and Training Initiative (SWATI), India; STEPS, Bangladesh; & SUTRA, India.

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