Final Call: South Asian Review, Pakistani Creative Writing Issue

Please consider this note a request and not a reminder.

Reference to the CFP/ CFS posted earlier and the calls forwarded to most of you time and again by Dr. Fawzia Afzal-Khan and myself, we request you again to please send your submissions by the deadline (31 July 2010) for the South Asian Review or SAR (Special Issue on Pakistani creative writing in English).  We understand that many of you have either already mailed your choices or are in the process, or have promised, and must be working on your compositions.

As you all must already be aware that the SAR is a USA based international journal published in coordination with South Asian Literary Association and Modern Languages Association.  Because the central theme of the SAR Special Issue is “Pakistani Creative Writing in English: Tracing the Tradition” it is obvious that we can NOT imagine at all that YOU are NOT in there?  We are sure that you also do not want to miss the opportunity to be part of this international venture; an academically anthologized acknowledgment.

Within the context we reiterate through this request that all our great living literary legends must email their submissions by the deadline (31 July 2010).  Kindly also make sure that this work of yours is not already published.  Or if you want to suggest a selection from your previously published work, please forward a “No Objection” statement informing that neither you nor your publisher will have any issue regarding the copyrights.  This will help us fulfill the basic requirement.  Please also keep in mind that your selection be the best that puts you in the trajectory of “Tracing the Tradition.”  Also, you may read below in the CFP/ CFS some instructions about the length of your writing (6000 words) and the format (Microsoft Word in 12 point Helvetica or in Rich Text Format or RTF).  Please also send along a short biographical sketch of yours.  We really appreciate your cooperation and thank you for taking time out for this read and then for your marvelous contribution.

Please let us take this opportunity to thank all the great names who have already contributed so far, like Bapsi Sidhwa, Zulfiqar Ghose, Maniza Naqvi, Zia Muhyeuddin, Bina Shah, Qaisra Sharaz, Suhaly Saadi, Masood Raja, Salman Ahmad, Abbas Zaidi, Rizwan Akhtar, Mehnaz Turner, and many others of the caliber.

In the end, we make one more request.  If you have any personal contact numbers or email addresses of any other great Pakistani writers writing in English who you know and who we might have missed, please forward this message to them on our behalf.  In specific, if anyone of you have “special” email addresses for the following, please help us out by contacting and informing them, and may be pursuing them as well; Sara Suleri, Moniza Alvi, H. M. Naqvi, Ali Eteraz, Bina Sharif, Adam Zameenzad, Daniyal Mueenuddin, Ali Sethi, Kamila Shamsie, Hanif Qureshi, and Mohsin Hamid.

With regards and expectations,

(Co-Guest Editors, Dr. Fwazia Afzal-Khan and Dr. Waseem Anwar)

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