Pakistaniaat–Summer Issue Coming Soon

I just wanted to share that Jason W. Ellis, our layout editor, and I are working hard to publish our Summer Issue in the next few weeks. There are quite a few exciting articles, creative pieces, and other cool stuff in this issue.

We rely heavily on your donations and the sale of our print copies. So, when the issue is published, please go HERE to order a print copy.

There is one more change in the Open Content from this issue onwards: While all the individual items will still be open access, the download of Full Issue in one file will be password protected. Those interested in purchasing the Full Download can contact the editor to make payment arrangements and to get the password. We will, of course, make exceptions for those readers who live in Soft Currency regions.

So, stay tuned for the next exciting issue of Pakistaniaat.

My thanks to all our contributors and the Pakistaniaat editorial team.

(Note: We use Islamic Calligraphy by Amar Raza on our covers; this does not in any way mean that Pakistaniaat is a religion-centered journal–We just love Amar’s art and are grateful that he lets us use it for free)