Blogtalkradio: The Cross-Cultural Space

In my search for more and more open media to share my thoughts and ideas with my students and friends, I created an account with Blogtalkradio. This broadcasting platform enables you to create a show and podcast it on the internet using your free account, a computer, and a phone.

My Show: The Cross-Cultural Space

My show focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of literature, literary studies, and the relationship of literature to our lived experience. Each show will feature a particular book, an author, a philosophical concept, or a literary movement, with an emphasis on our role as readers and consumers of texts and our responsibilities as human subjects who share the limited resources of this planet.

As I claim a certain  degree of expertise on the issues of the Muslim world (South Asia: Pakistan and Afghanistan), I will also sometimes include occasional commentaries related to the politics, culture, and history of these cultures.

I already recorded the first segment, aired yesterday, on Zee Edgell’s 2007 novel, Time and the River. You can listen to this segment HERE. I have another segment planned for this Sunday on my own book and on the process of publishing an academic book. The show is equipped to receive listener calls, which I plan to experiment with in this second podcast (Scheduled to air at 6:30 pm, Sunday) . Here is the number to call:

Call-in Number: (917) 889-3706

Eventually what I hope to accomplish is to create these podcasts as supplements to my teaching and scholarship but also to include political commentaries. I do hope that these small on-air tutorials, rants, and discussions would be useful to my students and other listeners.