Aziz's ABC Book of Celebrations and Festivals

Please take a few moments to check a book put together by young Aziz Hassanali as an example of cultural diversity and richness of America. Here is his description of the book:

Festivals and celebrations help humans mark ideals that have relevance in their lives. Religious holidays affirm one’s faith. Ethnic festivals highlight one’s cultural heritage, and national celebrations reinforce one’s civic obligations and privileges. The United States is unique in that its citizens represent a variety of religious beliefs, and hail from diverse cultural backgrounds. The range of cultural and religious perspectives influences the country’s character, and in turn creates a space for new interpretations of one’s identity. This book is a snap shot of one eight-year-old’s identity as he describes the celebrations and festivals that are important to him. Through what (and how) he celebrates, one gets a glimpse of an American Muslim’s sense of identity in contemporary United States.

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