Graduate Studies in English, University of North Texas

My new department at University of North Texas has radically increased the number of funded PhD fellowships beginning this fall. As part of the University’s mission to internationalize its programs and curricula, the University is also deeply interested in attracting international students.

UNT is located in Denton, a nice college town and very close to Dallas and Fort Worth. The department itself has nationally recognized scholars and writers in all major fields of literary and English studies. Any students interested in applying to the program should visit the Department website and contact the Graduate Director or follow this link to Toulouse School of Graduate Studies.

Those interested in postcolonial studies, please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to provide any guidance that you may need.

UNT is competing to be the fourth Research I university in Texas, and increasing the number of PhDs and internationalizing their programs is very important to the University’s mission. You will also find a very professional and collegial department to see you through from the start until the end of your education.