Pakistaniaat: New Issue Published

I Just want to let you all now that we have now published the Spring 2010 Issue of Pakistaniaat. You can now take a look at our Current Issue on line or order your Print Copy.

My thanks to our contributors and to our wonderful editorial team.

Table of Contents

Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies
Vol 2, No 1 (2010): Spring Issue
Table of Contents

Articles (مضامین)
Reconciling Religion: Bulleh Shah, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the American
Transcendentalist Tradition (1-22)
Mike Unher,     Sara Bano

Sufi Influence on Pakistani Politics and Culture (23-45)
Muhammed Hassanali

Education, Religion and the Creation of Subject: Different Educational
Systems of Pakistan (46-61)
Muhammad A Nisar

English Education in India: Hindu Anamnesis versus Muslim Torpor (62-86)
Rajesh Kochhar

Reviews (تبصرات)
Book Review of  To Live or to Perish Forever…  (87-89)
David Waterman

Daniyal Mueenuddin’s  In Other Rooms, Other Wonders  (90-94)
Sohomjit Ray

Notes & Commentaries (اِنشایئےوتبصرات)
Mushaira: Pakistan’s Festival of Poetry (95-100)
Louis Werner

Celebration on the Birth of a Second Child Through ‘ATAN’ (101-103)
Shaikh Muhammad Ali

Our Traditional Educational Systems (104-106)
Asad Zaman

Poetry and Prose (نظم و نثر)
An Excerpt from  Burnt Shadows: A Novel  (107-114)
Kamila Shamsie

Escape on Ferozpur Road (115-117)
Saadia Zahra Gardezi

A half-rhymed tale of a Punjabi Girl (118-121)
Rizwan Akhtar

Translations (تراجم)
The King Buzzard–Bano Qudsia’s Raja Gidh (122-139)
Masood Ashraf Raja

Zaheer Kashmiri: My Life, My Art (140-151)
Muhhammad Umar Memon

Notable Pakistan-Related Texts
List of Recent Pakistan-Related Texts (152-153)
David Waterman

Lahore With Love  by Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Syracuse UP (154)
Fawzia Afzal-Khan

Urdu Works (اُردو ادب)
A Brief History of Labor Unionization in Pakistan (پاكستان میں
مزدور تحریك كی مختصر تاریخ) (155-158)
Riffat Bawa,    Waqar Haider Hashmi