Why We Cannot Provide Complimentary Print Copies of Pakistaniaat

As we approach the publishing date of our new issue, I thought it apt to again clarify for our authors and well-wishers as to why we are unable to provide complimentary free copies of our print version:

  • Entire staff of Pakistaniaat offers their labor volunatrily and we feel it is only apt to raise some funds for the journal through the sale of our print copies.
  • Pakistaniaat is first and foremost an open-access online journal. This means we provide free access to all our readers all over the world. We also do not charge any author or review fees (Some online journals do charge these fees to stay afloat).
  • Pakistaniaat has very limited institutional support and relies heavily on donations etc. to stay freely available.
  • The print version was created as an alternative for those who might be interested in purchasing a print copy.
  • The proceeds from the print sales are meant to support and underwrite our online free access.
  • The print version is produced by a print-on-demand (POD) publisher; this means that each copy is produced when ordered. The journal does not have any extra copies at any time; in fact, we have to purchase the first “dummy” copy ourselves to make sure that everything is OK.

I hope this answers some of the queries about the print version that I am likely to receive. Remember, every print copy you order supports the journal in its free open-access mission.