Against Terror: Have Courage, Keep Faith, and Help the Victims

pakistan-bombing-pic-ap-image-1-866181250As I write these lines, the cowards who claim to understand the mind of God have declared war against the people of Pakistan. Their aim: to break the will of Pakistani nation. As the Pakistan army advances, finally, to call Hakeemullah Mehsud’s bluff, the caveman-warrior has responded with sending his murderers to kill innocent women, children and civilians. It is time we we declared this brand of Islam as Kuf’r and dealt with this new Fitna appropriately.

A few days ago Mr. Mehsud had declared that in response to the army assault, he and his cohorts would “turn Pakistan into Iraq or Afghanistan.” What a brave statement, as it means, in other words: Since we cannot withstand the resolve of a trained military force, we would, just for the heck of it, respond by killing civilians.

The bombing of Mina Bazar–a place frequented by women shoppers along with their children–should teach us that these murderers are not Muslim warriors but a monstrosity beyond any definition, and if this is Islamic way of waging war, then we must rethink Islam itself.

These murderers are also suggesting that Pakistan is attacking them to appease the United States–or AMRIKA–and so many of our Ulama still keep intoning this sad mantara. Let us be sure: This fight is not for AMRIKA–This fight is for the heart and soul of Pakistan and for the future of Pakistani children. If AMRIKA aids us in this process, we are grateful but we should undertake this task with our without their help. Nobody, especially not cowards like Osama and Hakeemullah, shoud be able to murder Pakistani citizens with such impunity.

So during this trying time, let us stand tall and united; let us lend hand to each other and hold our ground against these murderers.
The way we choose to act as a nation in the coming days will decide our future and the future of our children. Shall we have a tolerant, civil, and thriving national culture or the culture of death and torture presented as Islamic by these murderers?

Let us have courage and keep faith to carve a hope-filled future for Pakistan.

And remember what Faiz said so eloquently:

كرو كج جبیں پہ سرِ كفن میرے قاتلوں كو گماں نہ ھو

كہ غرورِ عشق كا بانكپن پسِ مرگ ھم بھلا دیا