The Caveman Speaketh!

mullah_omar-bfeacIt has been reported that Mullah Omar, the leader of a cave-dwelling Muslim sect, recently reminded his enemies of the warlike history of Afghanistan. His message: “We have always defeated outsiders!”

But what I fail to understand about these cave-dwellers is just one thing: How is there interpretation of Islam the right one if they have to hide in caves to practice it; and why do they need so many guns to implement it? Furthermore, what kind of a Islam do they practice that has no respect for human life and must convert Pakistan and Afghanistan into a wasteland to establish its dictates.

If these cave-dwellers are so true to their faith and so good, why do other Muslims have a problem following them?

I mean how do they explain, logically, according to the Shariah, this one question about the rights of women: If women are not allowed to move freely in the public space, then how can the Taliban bring one of them out in the open (As they did in Swat)  for a public beating? Does this mean that strangers can forcefully drag a woman to the town square and make a public spectacle of her plight all in the name of religion and justice?

Well, they are cavemen after all. Let us just keep them in their air-conditioned caves, with cable TV, Cellular Phones, and lots of guns, of course, and they will defeat the ‘outsiders’ by killing their own Muslim brothers and sisters.