The Adventures of Mr. Chicken-heart Zardari

chicken3~Rumor has it that Mr. Zardari, in league with certain retired Pakistani generals, has launched a new propaganda campaign against the Muslim League (N) leaders. The purpose, it is being said, is to force Mr. Nawaz Sharif to give up on his mission to  ensure that Musharraf is tried, and to draw attention away from the 17th amendment that has, illegally, altered Pakistani parliamentary system in favor of an indirectly elected president. None of this is new. And while Mr. Zardari was married to a great woman of character, we should not expect that he himself possesses the same courage and character as the late Benazir Bhutto did.

So don’t be surprised at the silly adventures of Chicken-heart Zardari; it is absurd to expect courage and forethought from someone who, despite having been married to a great leader, has no respect for the legacy and wishes of his late wife and our leader.

The question that we should be asking Mr. Chicken-heart is simply this: What does the country gain if its democratically elected leaders destroy the character of other popular leaders to save a washed out dictator?

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    September 1, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    AZ will go to any extent to hold on to his power structure and safe guard the NRO. This scumbag does not care about the country or our parliamentary system. He is in it for himself. Period!

    Unfortunately for him, the more he drags this smear campaign with the connivance of a party like MQM, the more they damage their own party and his own image..

    Imagine, if you are to wash your face and use a dirty towel to clean it up, how clean will you come out. To use MQM, is like using a filthy towel for cleansing. It’s become a joke…..

    September 3, 2009 at 5:51 am

    It is just irrational to say that MQM was used to black mail PML-N or Brigadier Imtiaz was promoted to malign image of PML-N. It could be true if the operation of 1992 was fake. 1992’s operation is a reality and thousands of people were killed in this operation without any crime. I dont say MQM is a sacred cow but you should also confess PML-N is also not so holy that it never strived for personal interests or committed a crime.

    Coming to Zardari? I din’t see any statements of Zardari in this regard? Or I never found him blaming PML-N for anything than is it not injustice to drag him in this taint?

    September 5, 2009 at 3:49 am

    I don’t know why some elements have death wish of Pakistani political class. For the army and intelligence agencies to conspire against democracy is easy to understand as their aim is easy to understand that is to reclaim lost glory. It is somewhat harder to fathom why some elements become willing player in the games whose aim is to rundown and discredit the democracy. These elements are the worst enemies of Pakistan.

    Media is the one of the major supporter of these elements because it is willing part of campaigns against democracy and democratic leadership.

    I feet pity for those who think themselves intellectual by delivering their so called philosophy and maligning image of Zardari. He is elected president of Pakistan and did a lot for the country.

    There could be lots of shortcomings in Zardari he is not angel but it is fact that Zardari became a leader when he refused to compromise with those who wanted to sign a confession and leave the country, just like Nawaz Sharif and his family did after reaching a deal with Musharraf and fled the country.

    Zardari, just like Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif could have enjoyed a plush life in Saudi Arabia and London, but Zardari refused to comprise and accepted prison over luxurious life in exile.

    But, the defining moment was Zardari’s decision to stop those who were shouting anti Pakistan and anti Punjab slogans after Benazir’s body was flown to Sindh for burial. Everyone was crying, the emotions were high, but Zardari stepped forward and directly confronted people from his own province, Sindh and snubbed those who were blaming Punjabi elements in establishment for Benazir’s death. Zardari’s courageous decision to confront those angry workers told me, and millions of other skeptics that Zardari is a man of courage and conviction.

      September 5, 2009 at 6:48 pm

      My point is that Mr. Zardari should know better. Pakistani constitution, one approved by all parties in 1973, asks for a weak presidency and for a parliamentary form of government. If Mr. Zardari is so sincere and so heroic, he should restore the true spirit of the constitution and should not obstruct the process.

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