Blackwater (Xe International) and the Pakistani Security Companies

600_ap_weapons_090919Since I wrote about this the last time, a new narrative of Blackwater scandal in Pakistan is being developed in the US. Even my local NPR station suggested that these ‘rumors’ were being planted in the Pakistani blogosphere and the media by the terrorists. Yes, that is the story here.

It seems the popular pressure on the Pakistani government has led to some apprehension in the corporate and privatized security industry and the media are now, once again, defending a mercenary corporation and are suggesting that, somehow, this new challenge to private security contractors in Pakistan will somehow leave the US personnel vulnerable.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear the details of the illegal weapons found by the police in the offices of a local Pakistani security  subcontractor of these mercenaries. The local Pakistani security companies should be ashamed of working with a corporation known for its arrogance and lack of care for the citizens of Iraq.

In solidarity with the Iraqi victims of these corporate thugs, the Pakistani security companies should voluntarily refuse to work with Blackwater, Xe, or whatever they are calling themselves these days.