The Incredible Pettiness of Mr. Trump

We Need to Re-Read Iqbal More Critically 

The Profane Defenders of the Sacred

Lahore Massacre: Mourn and Then Stand Up for Our Children!

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Mullahs and the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act


Just recently, the Punjab government (And I am no fan of them politically)  passed, Unanimously, the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act. I consider this a huge first step in making the Pakistani public and private sphere better and safer for women, and my hope is that the federal government and other provinces will…

Launching the Pakistan Women’s Rights Forum


As some of you might have noticed, we have just recently launched the Pakistan Women’s Rights Forum (PKWRF) group on Facebook. This is a collaborative effort by a whole group of likeminded individuals who are all interested in the women’s rights issues in Pakistan. By and large the group defines its activities as follows on…


The Profane Defenders of the Sacred


  Last week thousands of defenders of the faith descended on the Pakistani capital to mourn the execution of a convicted, and self-declared, murderer.  In the process of their protests these valiant warriors set fire to a couple of metro stations, threw slippers at the army helicopters (to scare them away it seems) and then used…

Humanities make humans


We often hear, in public and private conversations, that Pakistani culture and politics will become better with the increase in access to education. This is nothing new: almost all nations offer “education” as a panacea: as something that can solve most of their socio-economic problems. In the last decade or so, huge investments have been…

Axact, Bol and Pakistani Journalism: What is at Stake!


  A lot has happened since the New York Times published their deeply troubling investigative story about the shenanigans of Axact. The Pakistani authorities have now launched an investigation into the dealings of the company, the leading journalists recruited by Bol, an affiliate of Axact, have now left the new network, some for the reasons…


Akbar Jehan: An Intimate History of Kashmir

NAKhan (1)

Khan, Nyla Ali. The Life of a Kashmiri Woman: Dialectic of Resistance and Accommodation. New York: Palgrave Pivot.Hardcover: $70.00. Ebook: S49.99 Many of us in the Sub-continent who grew up with an awareness of the history of Kashmir do not usually realize that the histories we receive are highly motivated and are presented to us…

سرِ بازارِ جاں اعلان کر دو


یہ کیسا دور آیا ہے جہاں میں کہ قاتل قاضی و منصف بنے ہیں یہ کیسی آگ ہے جس کی لپٹ میں مساجد اور مدارس جل رہے ہیں یہ کیسا علم دیں ہے جسکے حامل وفا و پیار کی رسمیں بھلا کر رہِ اخلاص کے سب در جلا کر بھلا کر ٓآشتی کی سب حدیثیں چھپا…